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Largest indoor Jade Plant in the world
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Largest indoor Jade Plant in the world

BullshitWebsites.com Rules the world! star
Welcome to BullshitWebsites.com-Top SEO Directory-Best Search Engine Placement- Creative-Ingenious website!

About BullshitWebsites.com-Top SEO Directory-Best Search Engine Placement- Creative-Ingenious website

Welcome to BullShitWebsites.com-Website of the YEAR!-Largest Business Directory-Top SEO Directory- 99% of all websites/blogs are BS except BullShitWebsites.com-click here for the facts

About Me
I called myself the Creative CEO (whatever that is). I just love domain names as it allows me to create something from nothing. With the hot catchy domain names, one can create websites to reflect their functionality.
Sorry, I do not have a billion dollar startup fund, all I have is my God given “Creativity”. The only funding for this site comes from AdSense, advertising,T-Shirt sales and donation.
Here are some of my websites: www.GoodKarmaToYou.com , www.MyCookingSucks.com (beta). and www.GrowingJadePlant.com (the largest jade plant in the world),www.Squarely.com, www.MarijuanaDomain.com,www.WineryVideos.com ,www.KarmaBrand.com. www.CloudComputingJob.com
We'd like to hear from you. If you have any comments or suggestions for improving the BullShitWebsites.com website, just click the Contacts

Hire me!!! I can help you in SEO,Online Marketing,Design,Technology
Creativity is our Business !!!!

Warm Regards and Have a Good BullShit Day,

Creative & Fisherman CEO
BS-Degree is BullShitting;MBA-My Big Ass; PHD-people having disabilities

Please Donate for my CREATIVITY and the largest jade plant in the world-www.GrowingJadePlant.com

We are always seeking ways to improve this site so your feedback is always welcome. Please feel free to send an email:bs@BullShitWebsites.com. Please let me know how/where you found this BullShitWebsites.com.
Thanks for coming.

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